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Kat's Story

I grew up, in the beautiful Spa city of Wiesbaden in Germany. It's an old city surrounded by castles and stories that go back 100 years which I had always been drawn towards, the old stories, the ancient rituals and the magic of those ancient times.

​My life as a teenager took me travelling around the world. I had spent 6 years in London which taught me amazing business management skills, managing 45 staff members at one stage, Being in London, the city that genuinely never sleeps, I learnt how to struggle the stress that comes with it and of course how to part. Once again I was also drawn to the old historic stories of the city and the country.

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Then Mum Life Happened...

After giving birth to my incredible Babies Jesse & Sophia I felt like I was called to do something more meaningful, I knew I had the ability to help others, help them heal and grow and that is where my journey really began.


I always knew I wanted to be an incredible mum that cared, listened and lead by example. Someone that actually walked their talk. It was super important to me to let me kids see who I really am, how powerful the mind is and the magic of manifesting. I wanted them to grow up, owning the world and following their true passions without caring about other peoples judgment.

Jesse and Sophia are my true inspiration and motivation and I involve them in all my business ventures and idea.

Being a mum has ignited my journey of a positive mindset, intuition, well-being and spirituality.

​I use sound and energy healings with and for my kids to provide an amazing quality of life for them and myself.

And this is only the beginning…

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